Don’t Buy the Lie! Part 2

31 07 2009

GOP LIE: Mitch McConnell said US health care system is the best in the world.
TRUTH: USA has best doctors, hospitals & research foundations, but health care system is 37th on the list.

GOP LIE: Conservatives for Patient Rights.
TRUTH: Just the name is a lie. The group advocates for the protection the insurance industry’s rights.

GOP LIE: Birthers.
TRUTH: If the GOP had any brains they would be calling out the birthers, but it goes to show how much crediblity the GOP holds.

GOP LIE: Boehner says he doesn’t know one doctor who wants health care reform.
TRUTH: More than 450,000 doctors support health care reform & many have let Boehner know it.
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Don’t Buy the Lie!

30 07 2009

Just a few of the many blatant lies being told by Republicans:

GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is a “plot to kill elderly.”
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is “socialized medicine.”
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will result in more rationing.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is generational theft.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will limit options.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will stifle innovation.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is not needed.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will put govt between doctor & patient.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform means less options not more options.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will cause 119 million to lose coverage.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will cause you to lose your doctor.

GOP LIE: Sen Kyl said #healthcare industry “doesn’t need to be kept honest.”
TRUTH: UnitedHealthcare just lost $400 MILLION dollar lawsuit for cheating patients & doctors.

GOP LIE: Betsy McCaughey says #HCR would require telling people how to end their life sooner.
TRUTH: gave the GOP disinformationalist a big Liar, Lair, Pants on Fire rating.
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America: A Call for Greatness

22 07 2009

Now is the time for all Americans to come to the aid of their country. It is a time for citizens to call on their congressional representatives to take action, and for every member of the House and Senate to join together in a bipartisan effort to reform America’s health care system.

The current health care system in America threatens America’s security and prosperity. People who have insurance have seen their premiums increase 109% in nine years. The rampant inflation rate on health care threatens the economic viability of this nation. At its current rate it will quadruple in less than 18 years. If you have a new born, the insurance premiums are expected to increase 400% before they graduate from high school.
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Who’s Waterloo?

20 07 2009

While Sen. Jim DeMint is smugly calling health care reform “Obama’s Waterloo,” the wannabe Duke of Wellington may soon be finding the GOP sliding even deeper in permanent minority status.

Once again, the GOP have chosen to stand on the wrong side of history. For the last four decades the health care system in America has been deteriorating and the GOP has done nothing but add to the downfall. For years they controlled the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, and they never lifted a finger to help remedy the situation.

Instead, they have taken tons of money for lobbists and done everything they can to obstruct progress. They seem content to see millions of their fellow Americans go without insurance. They seem content with the World Health Organization ranking America’s health care at #37. They seem content that premiums have doubled in the last 9 years.

Meanwhile, the working poor who can’t afford health care, pay taxes. People with “pre-existing” conditions who are denied coverage pay taxes. Unemployed people who have lost their insurance coverage, paid taxes for years. And where are their tax dollars going? To pay Jim DeMint’s health care.
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Karl Rove is Such a Funny Guy!

13 07 2009

Karl Rove recently went on the attack about Obama’s use of “czars” calling them “a giant expansion of presidential power.” I mocked Rove by referring to him as a Bush’s “Domestic Policy Czar.” He responded:

Karl Rove Responds

Karl Rove Responds

You would think with all the years of being a laughing stock, Rove would realize when someone was making fun of him. (What Progressive Pam making fun of a neocon? I’m shocked!)

Obviously it went right over his head. Maybe he prefers the title Karl “I’m-entitled-to-the-math” Rove or “Bush’s Brain” instead. Which, when I think of it, “Bush’s Brain” seems more and more accurate.

Even funnier is the fact that dittoheads started RT him! I love it when the neocons help me make fun of them. Keep it up. One of you might get listed in my next entry of Con-ments.

The Question of Health Care Reform and My Taxes

12 07 2009

More Than Happy to Do My Part

The question proposed to me was “Do you think the rich should be taxed at a higher rate to help fund healthcare as a right for Americans?”

My short answer is a definite yes providing that a public option is part of the equation.

As a matter of background, I’m a small business owner and in the high income bracket. I have 86 full time employees and 8-12 part time and/or temporary employees. All my full time employees receive complete medical coverage. My company insures 79 of them, the other 7 are covered by their spouse. It costs the business approximately $516,000 last year.

There are three parts my answer; 1. The long run economic advantage, 2. The moral basis, & 3. My duty as a patriotic American.

First. The myth I always hear is that if small business owners have their taxes raised, it will cause them to slash jobs. Nonsense. In fact, it will do just the opposite. In the long run it will be a savings to me personally, to my company and my employees, and the US economy as a whole.

When insurance companies have to compete, prices go down. That is one of the many wonderful things about capitalism. I know there are a lot of politicians & lobbyists claiming that big insurance companies can’t compete with a public option. If they can’t compete, then let them go out of business. The strong will survive. Always have, always will.

Second. The other issue is a question of morals and doing the right thing for your fellow man. It is a disgrace that America is the only industrialized country in the world that does not have adequate health care for all its citizens.

I am not a Mother Teresa and never will be, but I can certainly pay a few extra dollars to help this great nation and its people. It comes back to the question of what do you want your life to be about? If your life’s ambition is to keep everything for yourself and not help to provide the basic necessities for those less fortunate, then god forbid.

Anyone who has determined that their self interests is more important that the betterment of society as a whole is sadly immoral. Any so-called Christian who objects to contributing what they can to create a better health care system for all Americans needs to reread Christ’s teachings.

Third. I grew up believing America is better than any nation in the world. Unfortunately, when it comes to health care, the World Health Organization ranks the USA at #37. That alone should say it all. How anyone in America can idly sit by and allow this to continue because they don’t want to pay more in taxes is beyond me. Shame on them.

I consider it a patriotic duty to do whatever it takes to make America number one again. If that requires paying more in taxes, so be it.

Anyone who is in the top income bracket, who is more concerned about taxes than doing what is right is dead wrong. They are lazy, unethical, un-American and unpatriotic.

On Second Thought

7 07 2009

Please ignore everything I said in the previous post.  I take it all back. Sarah Palin would make a wonderful President.   If you are a member of the GOP please give her your full support in the 2012 primary race.   I know I will be rooting for her and you should too.


P. S. Please send her all your money. She’s going to need a lot of it.