Karl Rove is Such a Funny Guy!

13 07 2009

Karl Rove recently went on the attack about Obama’s use of “czars” calling them “a giant expansion of presidential power.” I mocked Rove by referring to him as a Bush’s “Domestic Policy Czar.” He responded:

Karl Rove Responds

Karl Rove Responds

You would think with all the years of being a laughing stock, Rove would realize when someone was making fun of him. (What Progressive Pam making fun of a neocon? I’m shocked!)

Obviously it went right over his head. Maybe he prefers the title Karl “I’m-entitled-to-the-math” Rove or “Bush’s Brain” instead. Which, when I think of it, “Bush’s Brain” seems more and more accurate.

Even funnier is the fact that dittoheads started RT him! I love it when the neocons help me make fun of them. Keep it up. One of you might get listed in my next entry of Con-ments.




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