America: A Call for Greatness

22 07 2009

Now is the time for all Americans to come to the aid of their country. It is a time for citizens to call on their congressional representatives to take action, and for every member of the House and Senate to join together in a bipartisan effort to reform America’s health care system.

The current health care system in America threatens America’s security and prosperity. People who have insurance have seen their premiums increase 109% in nine years. The rampant inflation rate on health care threatens the economic viability of this nation. At its current rate it will quadruple in less than 18 years. If you have a new born, the insurance premiums are expected to increase 400% before they graduate from high school.

Even with the best health care policies, insurance companies often deny and ration procedure. Decisions that should be made between doctors and patient are currently made by the insurance company’s representatives. And insurance company attorneys and accountants are by definition, not advocates for doctors, hospitals, health care providers or patients. They are advocates for the insurance company’s self interests.

For those Americans less fortunate, the situation is even worse. Everyday families are destroyed by crippling health care costs. Everyday families are forced into bankruptcy because of mounting medical costs. Everyday people die from preventable causes because of the lack of resources and adequate care.

This not only destroys families and erodes communities, it burdens the US economy as a whole. The cost to taxpayers who have to pay for preventable “emergency care” treatment is astronomical. The cost to small business owners who struggle to provide adequate coverage for their employees is an undue burden. The cost to large business owners who compete internationally against nations that provide adequate, affordable health care, is stifling.

There is no reason that America can’t have the best health care system in the world. There is no reason for American politicians to play political games while allowing America to be less than great.

In the next two weeks every politician in Washington has a choice. They can either be part of the solution or part of the problem. They can either settle for the status quo or they can be an integral part of the effort to make America’s health care system the greatest in the world.

If the Republicans don’t want to come to the table, then the hell with them. This is obviously becoming too complicated for them. They had control of the White House, House of Representatives, and the Senate for years and they never lifted a finger. If they can’t answer the call to help all Americans now, America doesn’t need them.



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