Don’t Buy the Lie!

30 07 2009

Just a few of the many blatant lies being told by Republicans:

GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is a “plot to kill elderly.”
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is “socialized medicine.”
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will result in more rationing.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is generational theft.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will limit options.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will stifle innovation.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform is not needed.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will put govt between doctor & patient.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform means less options not more options.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will cause 119 million to lose coverage.
GOP LIE: #Healthcare insurance reform will cause you to lose your doctor.

GOP LIE: Sen Kyl said #healthcare industry “doesn’t need to be kept honest.”
TRUTH: UnitedHealthcare just lost $400 MILLION dollar lawsuit for cheating patients & doctors.

GOP LIE: Betsy McCaughey says #HCR would require telling people how to end their life sooner.
TRUTH: gave the GOP disinformationalist a big Liar, Lair, Pants on Fire rating.

GOP LIE: ACLU filed suit to have cross-shaped headstones removed.
TRUTH: ACLU has more important things to do like protect Constitutional rights of religous choice.

GOP LIE: Michele Bachmann claims ACORN will be paid partner w Census Bureau in charge of collecting data.
TRUTH: Census Bureau “partners” w 30,000 organizations. ACORN is not paid & not in charge of anything.

GOP LIE: @KarlRove claims #publicoption will cause 120 million to lose private coverage.
TRUTH: @KarlRove cites Lewin Group which is phoney to begin with, but then he gets it wrong to boot.

GOP LIE: Newt claimed stimulus package has “anti-Christian legislation.”
TRUTH: This lie was created by the same Newt who claimed he was “returning moral leadership to Washington.”

GOP LIE: DeMint claimed stimulus plan would prevent prayer groups on campus.
TRUTH: Anyone dumb enough to believe such nonsense deserves DeMint, but that still doesn’t make it true.

GOP LIE: Glenn Beck claims Holdren “proposed forcing abortion.”
TRUTH: There is no truth to it whatsover. (See But as Beck admits, facts are not his forte’.

GOP LIE: Lewin Group is independent, objective, non-partisan.
TRUTH: Lewin Group is a subsidy of UnitedHealth Group which owns United Healthcare Insurance.

GOP LIE: Boehner & other Republicans claim the CIA doesn’t lie.
TRUTH: If the Republicans are stupid enough to believe the CIA doesn’t lie, let them believe it.

GOP LIE: Mike Pence said Americans don’t like govt #healthcare.
TRUTH: Medicaid & Medicare has much higher approval ratings over private insurance.

GOP LIE: Michele Bachmann claims swine flue broke out in 1970’s under Carter administration.
TRUTH: Bachmann is so far out there it is hard to tell if she is lying or actually that stupid.

GOP LIE: Cynthia Lewis claims middle class will lose mortgage deductions under Obama.
TRUTH: Boring. If you are going to lie at least be creative like Michele Bachmann & come up with a whopper.

GOP LIE: THe #GOP was opposed to George Bush’s spending.
TRUTH: The #GOP voted for Bush’s deficit spending every time.

GOP LIE: McCaughey said #HCR would tell seniors “to do what’s in society’s best interest … and cut your life short.”
TRUTH: While most disinformationalists are usually subtle, Betsy McCaughey is blatantly inefficient at what she does.

GOP LIE: Dan Burton said #HCR would “take away benefits [for seniors &]…tell them how to die.
TRUTH: If you believe Burton, I have a bridge to sell you.

“Conservatism means never having to bother with facts.” ~Matt Osborne




6 responses

30 07 2009
Jeremy Buff

You’re a damn nut! Are you serious? You think the above are lies? My God. Maybe you should OPEN your eyes. Watch and learn, watch and LEARN:

30 07 2009
Conservative Pup


I am glad to read on your “about me” page that you value the truth, and are committed to exposing lies and half-lies.

I believe you are wrong on several of your points above, but will focus on one, as I was just reading about it the other day. Rep. Bachman is indeed correct about the swine flu appearing in 1976. You can fact check me by checking with the Dept. of Epidemiology at UCLA,

Sorry I don’t know how to make the link “live.”

I am not trying to be confrontational or insulting. But since you stated as fact something that is easily checked, I thought you would want to know. You might also consider fact-checking some of your other claims. I tried looking at the site you reference,, but didn’t find any of the things you state. Is that web address correct?

I don’t know who Matt Osborne is, whom you quote, unless he is the guy with He is mistaken about conservatives and facts. I am a conservative and I am really big on facts. When I can find them.

31 07 2009

Gerald Ford was President at the time.

It also broke out again in 1988. Ronald Reagan was President.

31 07 2009
Conservative Pup

Thank you for correcting me. I was wrong, thanks for the link.

3 08 2009
Jeremy Buff

Pam, why are you deleting my comments? That’s not very “transparent” is it?

14 08 2009
The winds of change | Maria NYC

[…] these angry people, screaming at the top of their lungs, having so readily digested the lies fed to them by the multibillion dollar corporate interests which are set on keeping the status quo at all […]

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