Don’t Buy the Lie! Part 2

31 07 2009

GOP LIE: Mitch McConnell said US health care system is the best in the world.
TRUTH: USA has best doctors, hospitals & research foundations, but health care system is 37th on the list.

GOP LIE: Conservatives for Patient Rights.
TRUTH: Just the name is a lie. The group advocates for the protection the insurance industry’s rights.

GOP LIE: Birthers.
TRUTH: If the GOP had any brains they would be calling out the birthers, but it goes to show how much crediblity the GOP holds.

GOP LIE: Boehner says he doesn’t know one doctor who wants health care reform.
TRUTH: More than 450,000 doctors support health care reform & many have let Boehner know it.

GOP LIE: Glenn Beck claims that Obama’s czars are “actual communists.”
TRUTH: “Are you now, or have you ever been…” McCarthyism worked so well in the past, maybe Beck would like to repeat it.

GOP LIE: Foxx claims #healthcare reform will “put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government.”
TRUTH: Of all the wild lies, this is probably the most ridiculous to come around in a long time.

GOP LIE: Orrin Hatch said 84% of Americans have #healthcare insurance & 84% are happy.
TRUTH: Really? 84% and every single one of them are happy with their coverage? Really?

GOP LIE: Rush claims “Obamacare” means “you’ll not be able to chose your doctor.”
TRUTH: First, there is no such thing as Obamacare. Second, no one has proposed anything of the sort.

GOP LIE: Rush claims #healthcare means “you won’t be able to hold onto your current insurance or private insurance.”
TRUTH: You will be able to chose whatever insurance company you want or keep what you got.

GOP LIE: Peter Johnson on Fox News calls #healthcare reform “a subtle form of euthanasia.”
TRUTH: Peter should know by now that euthanasia is only for Repubs. Dems get to live. (Blue Dogs get spayed & neutered.)



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