Reality Check on Health Care Reform

13 08 2009

This is suppose to be the “Information Age,” and yet there are millions of Americans who are completely uninformed on the facts health care reform. This reality check was provided by David Axelrod @ When you are tired of being lied to by the insurance industry and other lobbyists, please take the time to educate yourself on the truth:
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And the Lies Never Stop Vol 1 Issue 2

4 08 2009

GOP LIE: Dr. Orly Taitz claims “85% of Americans think Barack Obama was not properly vetted.”
TRUTH: Just when you thought Palin, Bachmann, & Coulter were crazy, a new Queen emerges.

GOP LIE: Orly Taitz presents Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate! (You know, the REAL one).
TRUTH: Ooops! Orly seemed to forget to tell her forger friend that E. F. Lavender is a gecko!

GOP LIE: Family Research Council ad suggests #publicoption #hcr will deny care for elderly while encouraging abortions.
TRUTH: Interesting how people who use scare mongering tactics on the elderly call themselves “Family” anything. Lowest of the low.

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