And the Lies Never Stop Vol 1 Issue 2

4 08 2009

GOP LIE: Dr. Orly Taitz claims “85% of Americans think Barack Obama was not properly vetted.”

TRUTH: Just when you thought Palin, Bachmann, & Coulter were crazy, a new Queen emerges.

GOP LIE: Orly Taitz presents Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate! (You know, the REAL one).

TRUTH: Ooops! Orly seemed to forget to tell her forger friend that E. F. Lavender is a gecko!

GOP LIE: Family Research Council ad suggests #publicoption #hcr will deny care for elderly while encouraging abortions.

TRUTH: Interesting how people who use scare mongering tactics on the elderly call themselves “Family” anything. Lowest of the low.

GOP LIE: Dr Orly Taitz claims MSM & David Shuster are “brownshirts.”

TRUTH: Typical GOP rhetoric. Attack the media. Call them some variation of Nazism or Communism.

GOP LIE: Dr. Orly Taitz claims that both parents have to be US citizen for child to be US citizen.

TRUTH: Neither parent has to be US citizen if born in US. Even Lou Dobb knows that.

GOP LIE: Joe Scarborough says #birthers don’t have a following in GOP.

TRUTH: It was #GOP #birthers that introduced birth certificate bill in Congress.

GOP LIE: Fox News anchor Guilfoyle says can “seize all your personal & private” info & track your computer activity.

TRUTH: This bit of Big Brother paranoia was fueled by none other than Glenn “who-needs-facts” Beck.

GOP LIE: Campaign for American Solution calls itself a “grass-roots effort [to create] workable #healthcare reform.”

TRUTH: CAS admits ties to major industry lobby AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans). Grassroots my ass.

GOP LIE: Lungren suggests #healthcare reform = “govt decide(s)” if a healthy 100 y.o. woman “should take a pain pill.”

TRUTH: Dan Lungren is a disgrace for saying such nonsense. There is nothing of the sort being proposed in either version.

GOP LIE: Cons for Patients’ Rights claims that #healthcare reform “could hike your health insurance premiums 95 percent.”

TRUTH: 1st, Cons for Patients’ Rights advocates for insurance rights, not patients. 2nd, like most of their claims, it is pure nonsense.

GOP LIE: John Thune claimed reform “force millions of Americans … into … #healthcare plan run by govt bureaucrats.”

TRUTH: No Americans will be forced into any such thing & John knows it. He loves those fat checks from lobbists!

GOP LIE: Ginny Brown-Waite claims #healthcare reform tells “America’s seniors: drop dead.”

TRUTH: Brown-Waite recvd $369,000,255 from Health Sector. Big price tag for terrorizing the elderly. Disgusting.

GOP LIE: Angry “grassroot” organizations disrupting #healthcare reform meetings.

TRUTH: Not grassroots, actually instructed by Bob MacGuffie of “Right Principles”

GOP LIE: Letters being sent out under guise of NAACP & non-profit hispanic group opposing cap & trade.

TRUTH: Bonner & Asses, a major lobbying firm, caught & forced to admit they fabricated them.

GOP LIE: Betsy McCaughey & Sean Hannity keep spewing out that #healthcare reform =secret plan to kill old people.

TRUTH: McCaughey sits on board of Cantel Medical Corp & knows its nonsense but enjoys seeing Sean drool over her.

GOP LIE: Republican Nat Senatoral Com. heads claim they didn’t know abt John Ensign’s affair & all the hush money.

TRUTH: Both the RNSC’s political director and finance director knew about affair for over a year.

GOP LIE: Michelle Malkin “If you put enough govt cheese in front of people, they are just going to keep eating it,”

TRUTH: Not unless you add “a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and thou.” Well, maybe not thou thou.



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