So-called “Christian” RWNJ Mob Shouts at Me During My Morning Walk

26 09 2009

RW Christians Spewing Hate

RW Christians Spewing Hate

Nothing like taking my dog for a morning walk and having a bunch of right wing nut jobs shouting profanities at me to get my blood boiling.

These ultra-conservative extremist groups that call themselves Christians and say they are spreading “truth” are the epitome of all that is wrong with the right wing. They have no logic, no basis in fact, nothing good to offer, nothing positive to say, and nothing to contribute but vile and hate.

After I passed the mob my dog took his morning dump. It was a nice big one. I quickly scooped it up and, remembering something @Shoq said recently, I lobbed a juicy stink bomb right back at them!

RWNJ Calling Themselves Christians

RWNJ Calling Themselves Christians


Joe Versus the Volcano: Joe Wilson & the Brain Cloud Disease

11 09 2009

It was spontaneous!

It was spontaneous!

“You lie!”
Joe Wilson & the Brain Cloud Disease

One of the greatly underrated movies of all time is “Joe Versus the Volcano” starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. It is a classic of good vs. evil, life vs. death, truth vs. lies and clarity vs. confusion.

It is also serves as a great metaphor for my thoughts about Congressman Joe Wilson and the swarm of ridiculous lies that have been spread by his ilk.

Until Rep. Joe Wilson gained his 15 minutes of fame by calling the President of the United States a liar, he was just an “Average Joe” kind of guy. Mostly unknown outside of his district, rarely mentioned by the media, and basically ignored as a politician.
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An Apology to Our Founding Fathers

5 09 2009


Dear Founding Fathers,

I am writing to apologize for how disgustingly a small, but vocal, minority of Americans have tarnished your good work. You created a brave nation, one built on truth, justice and integrity. A democratic nation. A nation with a vision. A nation destined for greatness.

For over 237 years we have lived up to your vision. American was, and still is, a nation of greatness. But I’m afraid we have grown a fringe element of people who want to subvert the democratic process because they don’t like the person elected by the people of this great nation. They don’t like the person a wide majority of people elected. They don’t like the person that a wide majority of the electoral college put in office. In short, they don’t like the system you set up and want to obstruct its intent and for that I apologize.
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