An Apology to Our Founding Fathers

5 09 2009


Dear Founding Fathers,

I am writing to apologize for how disgustingly a small, but vocal, minority of Americans have tarnished your good work. You created a brave nation, one built on truth, justice and integrity. A democratic nation. A nation with a vision. A nation destined for greatness.

For over 237 years we have lived up to your vision. American was, and still is, a nation of greatness. But I’m afraid we have grown a fringe element of people who want to subvert the democratic process because they don’t like the person elected by the people of this great nation. They don’t like the person a wide majority of people elected. They don’t like the person that a wide majority of the electoral college put in office. In short, they don’t like the system you set up and want to obstruct its intent and for that I apologize.

The fringe extremists say they don’t like his policies, but we know you are smart enough to realize it is more than that, so I won’t insult your intelligence. They are filled with vitriol and hate. Their leaders lie to them and they don’t take the time to find out the truth for themselves. They repeat the lies and pretend they are original thoughts. They fool themselves but I know they don’t fool you.

I am sorry if you are rolling over in your graves. It must be sad to see such hatred being cloaked in the flag you created. I know you would agree they are a disgrace to the flag they wave, and the Constitution they pick and choose from.

There is so much to apologize for I can only cover some of the most egregious.

We have people trying to associate themselves with the Boston Tea Party, only to prove they have absolutely no idea what the tea party was about, or why it was important. Instead they disgrace the name by calling themselves a Tea Party. They don’t have any intention of “forming a more perfect union.”

Instead, they use the attention they get to be rude to the person who holds the duly elected office of the President of the United States. A position you created in your wisdom. Not only are they rude to the President, they are rude to all the millions of Americans who voted for him. They are even rude to the Americans who didn’t vote for him but consider themselves part of a democracy.

They call him names while he tries to save the nation from the great economic crisis created by the previous administration. Could you imagine people from the Boston Tea Party calling George Washington names because he tried to help the original 13 states recover from the economic setback caused by the Revolutionary War? Or worse, because they didn’t like the color of his wig?

They insult the American conscious by calling the President a socialist because he wants to do something good for all Americans. They call him an elitist, a statist, a communist, a Nazi. They compare him to Hitler and Mussolini. All because they oppose his politics.

Could you imagine if people compared Adams or Jefferson to King George or Napoleon? They parade pictures of him hanging from a noose. They make mock effigies of him being burned alive. They shame this nation by scribbling swastikas over his face.

It is a shame that some people have become so barbaric in their behavior. Even sadder still that they call themselves good Americans. They wrap themselves in the very flags they soil.

For these very reasons we apologize for those who are so disrespectful of the great nation you created for us. And we want you to know that there is still a majority who are in keeping with the principles you set forth and have not disgraced this nation with vile contempt.




4 responses

5 09 2009

Well said!

6 09 2009

Okay, Pam, you are my new favorite blogger! Great post! Couldn’t agree more, and LOVE your quotes at the top…keep the faith, Sistah!

6 09 2009

Thankfully there are people like you, Pam, who can put into words exactly how I feel about the current situation. One of the most frustrating things about all this is that so many Americans believe what is said loudest and most provocatively without examining the content objectively. What does this say about our educational system? Arent they supposed to have learned critical thinking?

6 09 2009
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