The Joker Laughs at You!

1 10 2009

rr-round-125“People who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

“Expert, textpert choking smokers
don’t you think the joker laughs at you.”

~John Lennon

Do you remember when Ronald Reagan said he was sending Chesterfield cigarettes to all his friends for Christmas and you should too? Do you remember Chesterfield had an “independent” study done that declared “cigarettes are good for you?”

Do you remember when Ronald Reagan said Medicare would result in doctors being told what town they could practice medicine in?

Do you remember when congressional Republicans paraded in CEO’s from the tobacco industry to testify that “nicotine is not addictive” and cigarettes “do not cause cancer?” Do you remember GOP members telling us that restricting the tobacco industry was a breach of liberty and freedom?

Do you remember when the chairman of the House Republican Conference distributed campaign checks from a Kentucky tobacco corporation to his friends while Congress was in session?

Do you remember when Republicans stood before Congress and told us that auto safety regulations were a plot to destroy capitalism? Do you remember when right wingers said that seat belts and air bags were communist plots to destroy America? Remember when the GOP told us that we had the best auto safety system in the world and we didn’t need to reform it?

Do you remember how much money was spent to discredit and lobby against Ralph Nader? Do you remember how many people died because of the Corvair’s poor design? Do you remember how many roadblocks the GOP placed against auto safety reform?

If you don’t remember, you should because as Santayan says, “people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Here we are at the brink of history with health care reform in the balance.

Do you really think Reagan believed what he said about the merits of smoking Chesterfield, or do you think he just said that because he was being paid to? Do you think Reagan really believed Medicare was “evil” or that it would result in the destruction of America?

Of course not. Reagan was just a paid actor who later became a paid politician. Just like Baucus or Cantor, Reagan would say anything to gain the approval of those who make the right contributions. They are all paid actors/politicians.They say whatever it takes to keep the contributions coming in and if they contradict themselves, so be it.

In the past we had big corporate interests sponsoring phoney “independent” research groups to come up the conclusions that they wanted politicians and pundits to keep repeating. These groups were not unlike Lewin Group of today. (The Lewin Group promotes itself as “unbiased & independent” when in fact they are owned by the insurance giant United Healthcare.) They call themselves “experts” when in fact, their only expertise is in marketing practices of mass deception.

Then there is Betsy McCaughey, Dick Armey, Rick Berman and a host of other disinformationalists who make their living by bombarding the airwaves with absolute lies. And they know that if they lie often enough and get others to repeat it enough, the corporate interests they represent will benefit in the end.

Then there are cheap politicians who will probably rot in hell for preying on the elderly by spewing out nonsense about “death panels” and “plots to kill your grandmother.” They know all too well that sensationalism sells, so they use it as an effective way to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

And of course there are the rating whores like Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh who will do anything to draw advertising dollars. I’m sure if Chesterfield could still advertise on TV and radio they would be their biggest sponsors.

Then there are the bloggers, text messagers, and twitterers rapidly typing out variations on whatever they deem to be the cleverist comments of the day. I call them the “textperts.” They repeat whatever they can to get attention without regard to its merits or basis in fact.

But the saddest thing is the people who get swept up in the tidalwave of lies that keep being spewed out by the self-serving corporate pawns. They are the “choking smokers” who don’t realize the “jokers” are laughing all the way to the bank.

Worse, the “choking smokers” are the ones who need healthcare reform the most.

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1 10 2009
Hunter GPT

nice post, usefull information, I would like know more about it
thank you

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