Update on My Work in Haiti

26 04 2010

I want to thank the first lady, Michelle Obama, for coming to Haiti and shedding light on the situation. While celebrities and newscasters come and go, the road to recovery has barely begun.

I am happy to report that there has been progress, but the progress is slow and far from adequate. People have clean water, good (not great) sanitation, food and shelter. 

Streets that could be cleared have been cleared. Road repairs have been made to the extent needed to support emergency vehicles at least temporarily.  Most medical needs are being met and disease control efforts have been surprisingly good.

Children are going to make shift schools. Recreational activities have been organized. Police, firefighters and emergency crews are back in operation to some extent.
But thousands and thousand are still homeless. They live in cloth tents with make shift furniture salvaged from wherever.

The people need so much help, I cannot turn away. I have made seven visits to Haiti and planning another in a few weeks.  I am currently back in States attending to business and trying to minimize the amount of time needed to run my operations. It is taking a great deal of restructuring, but nothing in comparison to what the Haitians face every day.

I appreciate all the letters of support from people concerned about my efforts. I wish I had time to answer everyone personally but this blog will have to suffice for now. People who want to send money, please don’t send it to me. There are many good organizations that are doing tremendous work in Haiti and I do not want to recommend one over the other. I will say that I work very closely with many of the groups on the ground in Port-au-Prince and have not found fault with any organization that is currently working there. And they all need continuing support, not just now, but for months, and probably years, to come.

Thank you,

PS: As you may have noticed, I have not been able to keep up with my online journal. But I have kept copious notes of events and maybe someday…


The eloquence of @femmepatriot

24 11 2009

“…can only address to me as …”


The eloquence of femmepatriot.

She’s so clever.

So-called “Christian” RWNJ Mob Shouts at Me During My Morning Walk

26 09 2009

RW Christians Spewing Hate

RW Christians Spewing Hate

Nothing like taking my dog for a morning walk and having a bunch of right wing nut jobs shouting profanities at me to get my blood boiling.

These ultra-conservative extremist groups that call themselves Christians and say they are spreading “truth” are the epitome of all that is wrong with the right wing. They have no logic, no basis in fact, nothing good to offer, nothing positive to say, and nothing to contribute but vile and hate.

After I passed the mob my dog took his morning dump. It was a nice big one. I quickly scooped it up and, remembering something @Shoq said recently, I lobbed a juicy stink bomb right back at them!

RWNJ Calling Themselves Christians

RWNJ Calling Themselves Christians

An Apology to Our Founding Fathers

5 09 2009


Dear Founding Fathers,

I am writing to apologize for how disgustingly a small, but vocal, minority of Americans have tarnished your good work. You created a brave nation, one built on truth, justice and integrity. A democratic nation. A nation with a vision. A nation destined for greatness.

For over 237 years we have lived up to your vision. American was, and still is, a nation of greatness. But I’m afraid we have grown a fringe element of people who want to subvert the democratic process because they don’t like the person elected by the people of this great nation. They don’t like the person a wide majority of people elected. They don’t like the person that a wide majority of the electoral college put in office. In short, they don’t like the system you set up and want to obstruct its intent and for that I apologize.
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